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Certified Google Glass Preferred Provider in Phoenix, Peoria & Glendale, AZ

You’ve Heard About Google Glass…But Do You Really Know About Them?

Dr. George Johnson of Advanced Eye Care in Phoenix, AZ is proud to be a certified Google Glass Preferred Provider. Dr. Johnson is trained to install prescription lenses into Google Glass and makes sure the glasses fit right. For now, the Google Glass frames must be purchased directly from Google.

The first wearable computer offered by the hugely credible source, Google has everyone talking. The problem seems to be that most people don’t know anything about Google Glass. Here’s a short tutorial.

Google Glass is the titanium-framed wearable computer. About ten thousand Google Glass units have been shipped all over the world for the modest price of $1,500.

This early version comes with the ability to take the very most recent communications from your smartphone or Google accounts and show them to you in a head-up display. They can take phone calls. They can send text messages. They can take photos and video and even show you maps. Of course, they deliver search results. Remember, for many of even the current applications, you need to be online, either tethered to another device like your smart phone or within usable wifi area. Otherwise, you can take photos and videos until you get your “bars” back.

But the bigger question is, where do they go from there? The current product is not meant for everyone, but more for developers and testers. Google is looking for field testing and how real people interact with product. Of course, they are also looking for that next great idea. Google Glass will be a platform, much like your smart phone and in time, there will be loads of apps all written to support the functionality of Google Glass for its wearers.

The word is that a full consumer version will be available by the end of 2014 but also expect that date to slip well into 2015. This is no easy product launch.

When offline, Glass only takes photos and videos.

You’ll never miss a text or a call while wearing Glass, and you can check the time or a new e-mail even during basic conversations without having to stop the conversation and check your phone.

The Glass package Called Glass Explorer comes with the Glass unit, a snap-on sunglasses visor, a clear visor, and a Micro-USB charger. Glass can't be folded up like regular sunglasses so you'd need some sort of larger bag for carrying these around. Perhaps future versions will more closely approximate the storage of glasses.

Glass runs on the Android platform and the battery lasts about a day. Well, hopefully you feel a little better educated about this great technology advancement. Everyone is anxious to see the development and where this can go. I am reminded of when the smart phone was first introduced.