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Why Dailies Contact Lenses May Be Right For You by Dr. Johnson

Taking care of contact lenses can be complicated. You have to make sure that you're using the right type of lens solution for storing your contact lenses and the right solution for cleaning them. If you're not careful your lenses can also accumulate protein deposits, as well as deposits from materials your eyes come into contact with every day such as smoke, make-up or hairspray. These deposits can cause your contacts to feel dry and uncomfortable, as well as promote the growth of harmful bacteria that can damage your eyes. Furthermore if you lose track of how long you've been wearing your current pair of lenses, you also run the risk of wearing them too long and doing damage to your eyes this way. The good news is that new Dailies Contact Lenses can give you all the freedom of contact lenses without any of these complications.

Dailies are the latest, most advanced daily wear contact lenses on the market. This means dailies give you the convenience of being able to throw away your contacts at the end of every day and replace them with a crisp new pair in the morning. No worrying about storage or cleaning, dangerous calcium or hairspray deposits sitting on your eyes, or wearing your current pair of lenses for too long. Just crisp, clean, comfortable vision at the start of every day.

Dr. George Johnson of Advanced EyeCare Center in Phoenix, Arizona explains, “While Dailies contact lenses are not the only 24-hour lenses on the market, they are the only daily wear contact lenses that offer a special technology that lubricates and moistens your eye after every blink. That means your eyes receive extra moisture from Dailies contact lenses around 20,000 times every day! This is important to prevent red, itchy, dry eyes that are sometimes associated with contact wear, and is especially important if you suffer from dry eyes on a regular basis with or without contacts.”

“Another important consideration for contact lenses is breathability,” adds Dr. Johnson, “This is the ability for your eyes to 'breath' while wearing contacts. The clear part of your eye that helps focus incoming light, called the cornea, has no blood vessels in it, and so must receive oxygen straight from the air. The cornea is much like a person, in that it must be allowed to 'inhale' oxygen, and 'exhale' carbon dioxide. If this does not happen, significant damage can occur. Dailies offers lenses with the best breathability of any daily wear contacts.”

For more information, and to find out if Dailies contact lenses are right for you, contact your eye care professional near Glendale and Peoria, AZ today.