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Success Story – from the Mother of a 9 year old Patient

contact casesKimberly has been wearing glasses for several years. Now she wants contact lenses but her father and I had concerns since she is only 9 years old. We discussed this with Dr. Johnson. It turns out that Dr. Johnson has been wearing contact lenses himself since he was 9 years old and he continues to wear them.  
Dr. Johnson explained that it isn’t the age of the patient that determines whether contact lenses can be worn safely; it is the maturity of the patient. If mom and dad have to take on the responsibility of making sure the lenses are removed, replaced, and maintained properly, the child probably isn’t ready for contact lenses. If the child is responsible, then contact lenses are definitely an option.
Dr. Johnson’s staff was very patient with Kimberly as she learned to handle the contact lenses and maintain them. She has a difficult prescription but has done very well with them. She is really enjoying the contact lenses.