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Polarized Sunglasses – Are They Right for Me?

Polarized Sunglasses


sunglasses african american womanFor decades, polarized sunglasses were mainly associated with boaters and fishermen – in order to reduce the glare from the water. Today, these high-technology glasses are extremely popular with anyone leading an active lifestyle outdoors, including bikers, golfers, skiers and runners. In addition, polarized sunglasses can be helpful for everyday tasks such as driving

What are polarized glasses and how do they work? Polarized lenses have a special filter that blocks intense reflected light from the sun, effectively reducing the glare. The lenses have a special chemical applied which allows them to filter out light.

What are the benefits? In addition to protecting your eyes from the reflective light of the sun, objects look clearer and crisper, and it’s easier to judge distance and depth. This is particularly beneficial for athletes looking for optimal performance.

Are polarized sunglasses better than normal sunglasses? Polarized sunglasses can eliminate reflection from light, whereas non-polarized glasses decrease the intensity of the reflection, but do not eliminate it.

Are polarized lenses worth the extra cost? That is ultimately up to the consumer, but you will find that there is no comparison between polarized sunglasses and traditional, dark uv-blocking sunglasses.

Do I need a prescription for polarized lenses? Absolutely not. Your sunglasses can be set up with polarized lenses, with or without a prescription.