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Eye Care When You Have No Insurance

Getting an Eye Exam Without Insurance in Phoenix, Arizona

No matter the reason – be it your eyes are bothering you, your vision isn’t as sharp as it used to be, or you simply haven’t had your eyes checked in ages, what can you do when you need an eye exam but don’t have any insurance coverage?

The most obvious solution is to pay for it out of pocket. While this may not be the cheapest option, it can still be inexpensive and affordable. Remember, your vision is valuable, so every cent you pay to keep it safe is worth the investment!

How can you get an affordable eye exam without insurance coverage?

The specific cost of an eye exam varies from region to region and also between different eye doctors. While a private eye doctor’s services may cost more than a discount eye care center, they can still be inexpensive enough to fit your budget. Also, keep in mind that you get what you pay for! When you visit our private eye doctor in Phoenix, Arizona, you benefit from more personalized service from a highly experienced eye care professional. Especially if you have a history of complex vision problems, you are likely better off visiting a private eye doctor who will monitor and treat your case.

Another possible source of affordable eye exams is at the eye care clinic of nearby medical schools, optometry schools, and hospitals.

Where can I buy discounted eyeglasses if I have no insurance?

We feature a wide variety of glasses frames in our Phoenix, Arizona, optical collection, with broad price range and many discounted designs. Ask our staff to direct you towards the frames that are currently on sale or at the lower end of the price scale. We’re happy to help fit you with sharp vision at a price you can afford!

Can I visit an eye doctor without an appointment?

If you suffer an eye emergency, it’s best not to delay seeking treatment. Some types of eye injuries and infections can be sight-threatening, especially if they are left untreated. At Advanced EyeCare Center, we generally see patients by appointment – but if you need an urgent eye exam, please contact us for assistance and we will request your immediate visit with Dr. Waleed Alsadi, your eye doctor in Phoenix, Arizona.

Can I get a contact lenses eye exam without insurance?

Yes, you can have an eye doctor perform an eye exam for contact lenses, even if you don’t have insurance. However, this specialized eye exam is generally more expensive than a standard eye exam. That’s because a contact lenses eye exam involves different tests than a basic vision check or a comprehensive eye exam.

The procedures measure your eye surface to match you with the right type and size of contacts, as well as check for any pre-existing conditions – such as dry eye syndrome – that can interfere with comfort when wearing contact lenses. Your visual acuity with contact lenses will also be checked, because your vision prescription for contact lenses is not the same as your prescription for glasses.

If you don’t have insurance but would like to book an eye exam, contact our Phoenix, Arizona, eye care center for assistance.